MOR Gold & 0.5 ct Diamond Ring (Lab Grown Diamond)

MOR Gold & 0.5 ct Diamond Ring (Lab Grown Diamond)


This is a classic and elegant 14K solid gold engagement ring.
Combined with a 0.5 carat diamond, the ring is glowing with grace, simplicity and a touch of elegance.

Made by hand in traditional goldsmith techniques combined with high end modern 3D printing, and set by hand, this is a very delicate, minimalist and clean designed ring.

The design simplicity emphasizes the beauty of its diamond. With it’s Lab Grown Diamond, this ring is just the perfect fit.

What is a Lab Grown Diamond?

A Man-Made Diamond (Or- Lab Created Diamond) is made by using advanced scientific knowledge and sophisticated technology, in order to recreate the conditions in nature - that result in carbon crystallizing into a diamond.

Lab created diamonds have similar variations in color and clarity as mined diamonds. This means, just like in nature, no two lab created diamonds are alike. Each is unique and one of a kind. Therefore, It is important to know that lab created diamonds are graded with the same standards as mined diamonds, and carry similar gemological certifications.

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Material: 14K Solid Gold
Lab Created Diamond
Diamond: 0.5 carat
Diamond color: D-E
Diamond Clarity: VS

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Also available in:
Yellow gold
Rose gold
18K Yellow gold
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All of my designs are handmade. I use various techniques in my work, both traditional and modern- goldsmith and CAD 3D printing. In my shop you can find unique and original jewelry, designed and made by me.


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